Thursday, June 5, 2008

Escape From Planet Earth in 2009

Escape From Planet Earth is an upcoming CGI movie by The Weinstein Company and Rainmaker Animation.

The two companies are teaming up to bring to life the original script written by Tony Leech and Cory Edwards.

Escape From Planet Earth should be released in 2009.

The Plot:
"Escape from Planet Earth is a comedy about an alien prison break from Area 51, the legendary government facility rumored to imprison aliens from every corner of the universe, from which no one ever returns. Gary, an alien every-man, must overcome his fears and self-doubt to lead a daring escape, rescuing not just himself and the other inmates, but also his wife and young daughter, not only from Area 51, but from the Earth, long considered the Bermuda Triangle of the Universe." (Source: CGW)

I hope they will focus on the comedy part of this movie. Something in tune with the alien song:

Let's hope the Weinstein Company and Rainmaker won't be afraid to boldly create a new genre of CGI with Escape From Planet Earth!


Anonymous said...

seems like the production team have escaped earth.. the movie will debut in outer space in an unknown time for an unknown audience...

nightfury said...

escape from planet earth : The alien in the glass thing is probably not Gary because it has blue eyes(could be the wife kira) as in the "running picture" the short alien has brown eyes which may be Gary. Also i read that there kid is a boy. wish it was a girl though.